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What We Do

Provide the power of AI to help craft brewers engage, connect and thrive WITH their customers.

We understand craft brewers have 2 advantages over mass brewers, these are a better customer connection and production flexibility. Deep Liquid's AI super charges these strengths to create efficiencies that result in profit.

Customer Engagment

8.1 x more customer engagement. Customer interactions using QR code + social media vs standard social media promotion

Faster Sales

1.6 x average faster sales. Version 1 sold 1.3x faster than BVB's average. Version 2 sold nearly 2x faster than average.


2.8 X more efficient R&D. Time required to win a Silver medal or higher at a major completion was on average slightly over 25 months. This was achieved in 9 months when the beer won silver at the largest annual beer competition in the world (Australian International Beer Awards 2022).

Higher Profit Margins

21% higher profit margin. Calculated by taking into account sales and productivity efficiencies.

Product Development

3.2x faster Product Development cycle - It took BVB an average of 16 weeks to bring a product from idea to market (a number which they were proud of). Leveraging AI brought this down to 5 weeks.

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