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AI Bar Prototype Coming


Who Are We

AI Bar

World 1st, AI Bar Prototype.

Craft brewers often take inspiration from their area and many beers reflect local preferences.  While a beer can be tailored to suit a region, a beer personalised to the individual level has been an unattainable ‘Holy Grail’…until now. 

Very soon, Deep Liquid will trial a world 1st T(AI)ste bar.  The bar has the ability to take data from multiple sources to create an individualised flavour profile.  The bar will use this data to create on the spot personalized beer based on individual preference.  No longer will you need to pick a beer made for millions.  You will be able to consume a beer created for you.  The more you engage, the better the AI will be at developing your perfect beer.

Stay tuned for a trial of the T(AI)ste bar soon.

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