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Deep Liquid are lucky to partner with these breweries to test out our AI


Barossa Valley Brewing

Barossa Valley Brewing won the title for Champion South Australian Brewery at the Independent Beer Awards in 2022.  They have been a pioneer of the craft brewing scene since 2005.  Quality and innovation have been foundational values.  The ability to use data and machine learning has super charged their focus on these key values and increased their competitiveness.


Brewing Company

NOLA Brewing was formed after the turmoil of Hurricane Katrina destroyed the founders beloved city.  2 years after that terrible event, NOLA was producing New Orleans inspired beer.  One of their founders Derek, a former computer programmer jumped at the opportunity to merge the newest tech with is love for one of the one of human’s oldest trades, brewing.


New Bohemia

The inspiration for NuBo is tied to a couple of special places. One is the magical region of Bohemia, in today’s Czech Republic, where beer culture and tradition goes back a thousand years and even played a role in ending the dark ages. The other is Santa Cruz, just south of Silicon Valley where the latest tech innovations are propelling us into the data age.

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