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Our Market Test Case: Barossa Valley Brewing's The Rodney

A Beer
Is Born

In 2021 Deep Liquid’s partners worked with Barossa Valley Brewing, to create an IPA recipe using Machine Learning.   Along with AI augmented recipe creation, a QR code encouraged customers to review the beer.  This real time, consumer derived market data was converted into information giving the brewers a significant R&D and market advantage.


No surveys or focus groups.  Leverage AI to connect, listen, understand and create. 

AI connected customers directly to Barossa Valley Brewing via an engaging QR code feedback process. It allowed the Brewery to listen to an unlimited number of consumers.  Real time reporting provided clear understanding of customers desires.  The result was the ability to quickly create an improved product, best suited to the market.


Award Winning Success


Barossa Valley Brewing holds the state award for Champion Small Brewery, quality is non-negotiable. On average a silver medal recipe takes 32 months to develop. This was achieved at the world’s largest annual beer competition in a 5 weeks AI augmented R&D process, “The AI took out the guess work.   It allowed us to make quality improvements in weeks, not months, or years which was the case.” James Collison, Head Brewer, Barossa Valley Brewing.

speed to market

With craft beer, speed to market is critical.  Barossa Valley Brewing prides themselves on their ability to quickly bring quality, innovative products to market.  The R&D to product launch cycle was down to an impressive 16 week average.  By leveraging our AI, the brewery’s time to market was 5 weeks. 


Customers want to have their opinions heard.  Beer review sites generate over a 100 million reviews from over 10 million users.  AB Inbev bought beer review site RateBeer in effort to engage customers by leveraging this desire.  Our AI directly connected this huge market of consumers, directly to Barossa Valley Brewing.  It created an unparalleled level of customer engagement, which in turn generated sales 80% above average.

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