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Passion + AI = Profit.

Powerful, simple and scalable AI that adds productivity and profit to the passionate art of craft brewers.


What We Do

Provide the power of AI to help craft brewers engage, connect and thrive WITH their customers.

We believe the most responsible and powerful use of AI, is when it is used to elevate human art and passion.  Our AI adds fuel to your artistry and profit to your passion.

We Understand Craft Brewers

We know you have two advantages over the big brewers; these are a deeper, direct customer relationship and production flexibility. Deep Liquid's AI super charges these strengths to create efficiencies that result in profit.

Don't just drink the beer, help the brewers create it.

What We Do

How We Do It

In 2021 Deep Liquid’s partners worked with Barossa Valley Brewing, to create an IPA recipe using Machine Learning. Along with AI augmented recipe creation, a QR code encouraged customers to review the beer. This real time, consumer derived market data was converted into information giving the brewers a significant R&D, production, marketing and sales advantage.


"We didn't need expensive consultants, focus groups or surveys.  Using AI was faster, better, cheaper" Head Brewer Barossa Valley Brewing


AI engaged customers directly to BVB via a QR code feedback process. AI allowed the Brewery to listen to and connect with an unlimited number of consumers. Real time reporting provided clear understanding of customers desires. The result was the ability to quickly create an improved product, best suited to the market.



Leverage AI for unparalleled customer engagement



Produce better products using dynamic market data



Our AI allows you to connect with ALL of your customers

Deep Liquid


Deep Liquid's reports crystalise customer desires

How We Do It

The Results

Our Partners

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Meet The Team


Denham D'Silva


Denham started his career in finance where he was Merrill Lynch’s youngest Regional Vice President, in charge of a division spanning the Asia Pacific region.  Based out of Hong Kong, Denham grew his division’s revenue from 1.5M to 49M in 7 years, achieving the firm’s best ROI.  However in 2005 Denham changed course to found award winning craft brewery Barossa Valley Brewing.  Denham’s knowledge as a passionate craft brewery founder, coupled with his investment banking experience, provided the unique insight which led to the creation of Deep Liquid


Dr. Simon Lucy

Director -
Machine Learning

Simon Lucey (Ph.D.) is the Director of the Australian Institute of Machine Learning (AIML), where he leads a team of 170 of the finest AI experts in Australia.  Simon is also Principle Scientist at Argo AI, a preeminent AI autonomous vehicle company at the cutting edge AI computer vision. Prior to this he was an associate research professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute (RI) in Pittsburgh USA.  Simon is passionate about the ability of Machine Learning to be used the biggest and smallest companies to create value.


Dr. Jamie Sherrah


Jamie Sherrah (PH.D.)has over 20 years experience in machine learning, computer vision and commercial software development.  He is Technical Director for Defence at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning.  Dr. Sherrah is also CTO of  Jamie has held various positions including imagery scientist at DST Group (NSID), and data scientist at a hedge fund.  His main focus and passion is to create useful and impactful machine learning systems. 



Product Manager

Josh has held leadership roles in three automated manufacturing start-ups.  He is currently co-owner of the iconic The Kings Head Hotel.  He also holds a bachelor’s in Cognitive Neuroscience from University of South Australia, where he is undertaking a MSc focusing on data science and statistics.  Add to all this a passion for home brewing, Josh is perfectly placed to bring AI automation to the craft beer industry.


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

If you want to know more and learn about how AI can change your brewery and your business get in touch with us by clicking on the button below! We look forward to bring your brewery into the future.

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